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Welcome to Ski Venture!

Ski Venture is a community of skiers, run by skiers, located on Johnson Road just off West Glenville Road in Scotia, New York. Ski Venture was incorporated in 1937 and has run continuously since that time. It is an economical and fun alternative to skiing at large commercial ski areas. It's close to home and has terrain suitable for all levels of skiing. Ski Venture is particularly great for beginners with a bunny slope and easy rope tow. Kids and parents love it because success is almost guaranteed!

Ski Venture is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week ski and snowboard area. The facility includes two state inspected rope tows, one for beginners and one that services the intermediate and expert trails.

A beautiful view of the slopes and trail can be seen while in the comfort of a cozy Chalet, heated by a wood burning stove. The lighted hill allows certified hill masters with first aid training to operate the rope tow at any time, day or night.

Everything about SkiVenture is geared towards families. The beginners rope tow can accommodate even the smallest of skiers, and the larger slope offers a range of challenges.

Ski Venture lift video
Quicktime Video of our SkiVenture lift
in action! (100 kb)

(Thanks to Rob Rizzo for his snowboard work and Amy Rizzo for her camera work, Feb 5, 2003).

Another Ski Venture Video (YouTube Video) by Ross Thornhill. -- Revised: November 13, 2009
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